To welcome first days of spring 2018, a traditional activity that will hold at Kubera Condotel - Cham Oasis Resort is an special event "Making Tet cake ceremony - Back to Vietnamese Tet holiday" on 10 & 11 Feb, 2018 (25 & 26/12/2017 Lunar Calendar). All guest can book in advance to have a chance to participate to make your self a Tet cake and receive your Tet cake on the following morning to enjoy it with pickled and scallion. 

And more, in the first days of Lunar New Year, from 2nd to 4th of the New Year (17, 18, 19/2/2018),  Champa Island Nha Trang Resort will hold Spring Fair with traditionally activities imbued with national identity, such as lion dance on the opening day of spring, the old master write calligraphy, receiving the lucky money from the God of Wealth and especially all the children can take part in many "Tet" games that can get lucky gifts.

  Moreover, Champa lantern bridge and Champa love lock bridge is the place where visitors can send the pray for the first day of  new year, together get lock represents the eternal love of spring. Besides, coming to champa Island Resort, visitors can enjoy monkey circus performances and magic show.

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