In Vietnam the Mid-Autumn Festival, known as Tet Trung Thu in Vietnamese, is the country’s second most important holiday, after Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. Tet Trung Thu usually takes place on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month.

The traditions surrounding this holiday date back thousands of years, and they place a huge emphasis on children. It is thought that the festival was originally celebrated to give parents time to catch up with their children after the summer harvest was completed. People also believed that children were innocent and pure, and thus were the closest connection to the sacred and natural world.

Mooncakes are very rich and are filled with lotus seeds, ground beans, and an egg yolk, though there are other varieties. Mooncakes are the most important traditional food related to Tet Trung Thu, and they are massively popular.

The other most visible tradition related to Tet Trung Thu is the lion dance. On the nights leading up to the holiday groups of children parade through the streets – some of the children maintain a martial beat on drums, while others control an extravagantly decorated ‘lion’ crafted from molds and paper. 

On this day, children will enjoy a big buffet party, having funny time and together they will parade while holding beautiful lanterns in their hands under the drumbeats of the lion dance.

Enjoy Buffet party more than 30 dishes with ice cream dessert, fun with games, dance with the Moon Boy, especially take part in the great parade and enjoy the Lion dance.

Buffet ticket: 349.000vnd/adult, 219.000vnd/child

Time: 18:00, Sunday, Sep 23rd, 2018

Venue: Ganesha Grand Hall - Champa Island Resort

What's in the party's activities:

- 17h30: taking photo by the colorful Champa Lantern Bridge.

- 18h00: check in and selfie with cute Doraemon.

- 18h30: Tasting the greatful buffet party, playing game on stage together with gifts, enjoy amazing dancing and singing program for children.

- 20h00: Celebrate the moon by eating traditional Mid-Autumn specialties

- 20h15: Greatful lantern parade.

Call hotline: 0123 6009 777 for special discount


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