Nha Trang Sea Festival

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Nha Trang Sea Festival

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  Coming to Nha Trang at the time of festival, visitors will be in a bustling and exciting ambiance of various cultural and recreational events. First of all is an abundant opening ceremony by Vietnamese and international art groups. Besides, many interesting activities also take place during the festival like seafood and international gastronomy competition, wine festival, beach volleyball, underwater group wedding, etc. 

  The festival is also a great chance for tourists to know more about Vietnam through special events such as Truong Sa Picture Exhibition, Khmer Cultural Exhibition, art kite flying festival, event of throwing lanterns on Cai River, human chess, and particularly traditional Fish Worshipping Festival.Nha Trang Sea Festival will definitely give you an unforgettable impression about Vietnam’s charming beauty as well as time-honored traditional values.

  Responding to the festival, Champa Island Nha Trang took part in food fair and hold a bycle road show and even did a parade with the ancient Vespa group came from the whole Viet Nam all the road of Nha Trang City.


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